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Actors and Models

Instructions for Models and Actors: Please send Headshots and Bodyshots with either a Bio or Resume to our mailing address.

Please send clear photos so that we may properly evaluate your look.

Please include all reachable phone numbers and current email address with your materials.

To send postal mail, address: Levant Talent Management
                                   7815 Temple Terrace Hwy., Suite 150
                                   Tampa, FL 33637

If you are going to email us your materials, then please send documents in word or similar word processing documents. Digitized photos should be kept to a maximum of 1mb.

Email to:  submit@levanttalent.com

For your information: Materials received by Levant Talent Management shall be kept at the discretion of Levant Talent Management. All materials received shall be used either for talent resource files or shall be used for the purposes of promotion and publicity for the talent represented. If you do not consent to the above statements, then please do not contact us.

Actors for PSA Production in Tampa -  April 2017
Local talent only.  No pay for this PSA.  On camera requirement is only half-day.  This is a DUI/DWI spot.  Local company will produce.  Screen credit, copy of PSA and listing on appropriate Web Sites will be provided for actors.
Men  -1 25-35, 1 30-40, 1 50+.
Women - 1 25-35, 1 50+.
Girl - 7-12.
Boy - 4-9.
Submission deadline January 15th, 2017.
Please submit photos and bio/res to psa@levanttalent.com

Talent Call –  Actors

Taping in Tampa Bay FL.

Creative Project - Short Form - Digital Media.
Project involves 5 children ages 5 to 8.
Female, Caucasian, 18 to 25, 5' to 5'9".  
Scripted action, no dialog.  Various Locations in Tampa Bay environs.
Looks: Sweet, angelic, young mother, maternal, build: Slim to moderate.

Submit ASAP - Shooting May 2017.

Submit Headshot, Bodyshot & Resume with all pertinent info and data.
Photos no larger than 1mb. 
Resume to include all Contact Data, Stats, Experience & Training/Skill Set (if pertinent)  Please send a word document (unlocked.)
This work is for local hire.  No travel related reimbursement is provided.



Male, Female.  All ages.  Must live in Florida.

Must have Headshot & Bodyshot.  Photos no larger than 1mb.

Must send a Bio. with all contact info, stats, experience
& skill set (ski, swim,
cartwheel, ride a horse, sing, dance, play an instrument, etc.)
Please send a word document (unlocked.)

Work is for Illustration, editorial & internet display usage.
Also apply for modeling in the creative arts field.
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