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Creative Talent

Instructions for those other than Models and actors: Please send us your Reel, Book, Bio, Resume, Credentials and industry related information.

A publicity photo should be included when possible.

Please send only relevant and valid materials. Thank you.

Please Email to: submit@levanttalent.com

For postal mail, please send to: Levant Talent Management
                                                   7815 Temple Terrace Hwy., Suite 150
                                                    Tampa, FL 33637

For your information: Materials received by Levant Talent Management shall be stored and utilized at the discretion of Levant Talent Management. All materials received shall be used either for talent resource files or shall be used for the purposes of promotion and publicity for the talent represented. If you do not consent to the above statements, then please do not forward your materials to us.

No unsolicited screenplays or screenwriter requests shall be accepted.

Levant Talent Management has a policy that neither it nor any of its representatives shall accept or consider any unsolicited material, ideas or suggestions of any nature whatsoever ("Unsolicited Materials"). Accordingly, you may not use this website or incidental information gathered from elsewhere to submit Unsolicited Materials to LTM via any means (including, in-person, mail, fax or e-mail). Should you nevertheless contravene this express prohibition by sending Unsolicited Materials to LTM, please be advised that the Unsolicited Materials will not be considered by anyone at LTM, and if possible they will be returned to you with no copies kept. Unsolicited Materials will not be forwarded to or discussed with any third parties.

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